It has often been said that nature holds all the answers. For a plein-air painter such as myself those answers are found when I'm on location surrounded by the subtleties of light and color of God's magnificent creations.

Traveling truly feeds my soul. It is also a source of constant learning. As a serious artist, new experiences are critical to keeping my skills sharp and responsive. Whether I am painting at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiqu, NM, in the Rocky Mountains or overlooking Rusty Painting IndoorsTurkey's Istanbul, I respond to the authenticity of that moment in time. By authenticity, I refer to not only the particulars of the scene before me, but also a heartbeat beneath the surface, including my personal reactions and feelings about what I am seeing.

My process for recording a night in Venice or a sunrise over the Sierra Nevadas is essentially the same. I am first attracted to some exciting aspect of the scene, the contrast of flaming red poppies against a blue mountain, for example, or the way light and shadow play off the dome of a cathedral. I embrace that moment in my heart and memory as I begin to paint, recognizing that fleeting light will change everything except the details before me.

Passion intermixed with awe is the foundation of my work. I hope my paintings convey that same combination of love and mystery to others. My goal is to enrich the lives of those who view my work, as my life has been enhanced and uplifted by encountering the wonders of the world. Achieving this impact using the fewest details and the most stimulating relationships is critical. Simplicity, in my opinion, is the best means for conveying the complexities of nature and of our individual and cultural interactions with it.

"Most importantly, I wish to acknowledge Almighty God for His divine guidance and for whatever good works that I have performed."